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Women's Triathlon Short Sleeve BIB Shorts

Women's Triathlon Short Sleeve BIB Shorts

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1. Designed specifically for training and competition. Women's Classic Bib SHORTS provides exceptional performance and comfort in different riding conditions.
2. It is made of Korean Lycra fabric. which not only has excellent air permeability. but also has excellent sweat guiding performance. The trousers are made of suede pads specially designed for female riders. and the cushion structure ensures a more fit. No matter how long or hard the rider rides. the overall flat lock stitch of the pants will not cause scratches.
3. Women's Classic Bib Short uses Italian MITI webbing on the trousers to make the fit better. and the trousers stay in position and do not slip.
4. The top of the jumpsuit is made of two different mesh fabrics. with a tight mesh front to keep it warm and breathable. and an open knit mesh back. The upper part of the jumpsuit can be worn alone. without the need for a sweatsuit. The jumpsuit is designed to be worn with a Medium Support or Light Support Bra. with a large cut back on the back for increased air permeability.


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