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Waterproof Reflective Thicker Cycling Overshoes

Waterproof Reflective Thicker Cycling Overshoes

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Cycling Shoe Covers for extremely cold and humid weather
winter shoe covers are specially made for extremely cold and humid weather. Suitable for riding at -5-10℃. Composite nylon polyester. three-layer. thick. windproof. waterproof and thermal material. waterproof and breathable film. and the back bristles are made to increase warmth.
Unlike ordinary shoe covers. they are only roughly hollowed out according to the shape of the foot. But our shoe cover is specially designed with a ''forward-leaning'' shape. similar to a ski boot. to ensure freedom of movement. The bottom of the shoe cover is made of durable elastic Kevlar blended material. and the central stitching is processed with a durable cloth strip to prevent abrasion.
In addition to the fabric car line. this shoe cover also has a YKK zipper. which guarantees excellent water resistance.


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