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Breathable Sport Cycling Short Socks 5 Pairs

Breathable Sport Cycling Short Socks 5 Pairs

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Color: 52
Size: EU 36-39
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This pair of Pro Team Socks is made of nylon fabric.which can effectively absorb sweat. and is soft and comfortable.
It is more reliable than other bike socks to keep the positioning and not slipping when riding.With breathable mesh sock tube.
this pair of biking socks is suitable for high-strength riding or competition. There are 9 colors to choose from.
allowing you to wear the sock height that best matches your legs or the spirit of haute couture uniforms.
For a comfortable fit. elastic fibers are added to the fabric to make it more elastic. while the sock cuffs – with Pro
Team black and white stripes on the back – provide improved support.

This Pro Team Socks has exactly the same structure as the Team rapho when they used in competitions.


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